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JW Insight Millet Spray Holder Assorted Colours


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The JW® Pet Millet Spray Holder makes offering millet treats effortless. Designed for birds well-being; millet treats stimulate a pet birds natural foraging instincts. The colourful plastic holder attaches easily to the cage by hooking onto the bars of the cage. To keep it even more secure; can also be hung from the JW Pet Treat Stick Holder; which features a curved perch and bottom tray to cut down on spills. Can be used with any type of millet and also be used to hold similar pet bird grasses and other stemmed treats. Great for parakeets; canaries; cockatiels and finches. Easy to remove and clean.

Helps keep fragments and debris from falling outside the cage

Hang millet spray holder from the cage or use it in combination with the insight treat stick holder

Designed for a bird’s well-being

Suitable for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and finches

Easy to clean


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