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Kong Holiday Snuzzles Penguin Small


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KONG Holiday Snuzzles Penguin Small

KONG Holiday Snuzzles Penguin is an uber plush dog toy that has a tough exterior fabrication to withstand the chewing behaviour of dogs. The body of this soft dog toy is filled with a squeaker that creates amazing sounds and immediately allures your pet. It also helps with the mental stimulation that engages indoor pets in active play sessions. Dogs are highly drawn towards getting bored indoors, therefore, this Kong dog toy is highly functional and effective to introduce foraging activities in the life of your pet.
It becomes easy to keep your dog entertained and avoid any slothful behaviour that affects the pet’s health in any manner. This pet toy is highly beneficial in promoting the dog’s natural behaviour of playing, jumping and foraging activities. Moreover, the squeaker is an added benefit of this toy that is highly alluring for pets. Your pet might not complain but a pet owner perfectly knows about its mood through the dog’s ever-changing behaviour. Dog plush toys are also helpful to reduce problem-creating behaviours of pets like excessive barking as it keeps them busy with chewing activities.
It easily tires the mind of your pet through mental stimulation that significantly gives your dog a sound sleep. Restore the hygiene of the toy by simply cleaning the toy with a damp cloth whenever it gets dirty so that your dog doesn”t come in contact with unwanted germs. Proper supervision is an all-time requirement whenever your pet is playing with any toy because none of the toys are proven to be indestructible. Discard the toy immediately if it gets damaged through regular use.
Product Benefits 

  • Length: 20.32cm X Width: 13.97cm
  • Relieves boredom
  • Inbuilt squeaker for engagemen


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