Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer Pink




Wahl Dog Grooming Clippers Pocket Pro Battery Operated Trimmer Animal Pink Pet

Wahl Pink Pocket Pro Trimmer Kit

Wahl Pocket Pro Animal Trimmer

Colour: Pink

For trimming around Face, Eyes, Ears, Legs & Paws

Battery Operated

Compact and Lightweight


Kit Contains:

  •     Pocket Pro Trimmer
  •     Blade Guard
  •     2 Close Trim Attachments
  •     Clipper Oil
  •     Cleaning Brush
  •     1 x AA Battery



  •     Clipper Weight: 90g
  •     Clipper Size: 10.1cm (3.9′)
  •     Blade 0.8mm
  •     Blade Width 22mm


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