Superfish Top Clear 10000 Pressure Filter Set with Pump




Superfish TopClear pressurised pond filters are a complete filtration system for your garden pond, combining pump, filter and UV Steriliser.
The TopClear space saving pond filter comes complete with filtration foam, bio balls and built in UVC for clear and healthy water for your pond and its inhabitants.
Easy to install the system can be buried in the ground up to its lid if required to conceal most of the unit leaving it to run its high performance filtration whilst out of sight, avoiding clutter around your pond.
Cleaning the system through via the ‘Clean Backwash’ function is as simple as turning the large dial on top of the TopClear filter and directing the water from the ‘Clean Backwash’ outlet to a suitable waste location.
Suitable for ponds
Ornamental ponds up to 10000L
Mix of fish & koi ponds up to 5000L
Every TopClear filter kit includes
TopClear pressurised pond filter
Pond Flow ECO pond pump
Built in UV steriliser
Hosetails x 4


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